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General FAQ

General "Beginner" and "Newbie" affiliate questions

I am a complete beginner: I do not understand Adwords / ClickBank, let alone the AffiliateX software. I feel completely lost...

You're in luck. We have included a full beginner's guide to ClickBank and Adwords inside our"Knowledge Base". You can access this under the "Help" tab in the top menu.

Most Popular Support Questions

I am having trouble entering my keywords/tracking links into google. It always says invalid max cpc?

Firstly, please read an explanation of how to enter your Tracking IDs into Adwords in our Knowledge Base.

Secondly, if you are still having problems, please try the following: there seems to be a problem with Adwords when you enter all the keywords all in one go. If you just enter one keyword on its own. And then go back in and paste all the others in, it should work.

I am having problems logging into the AffiliateX...

If you do not have your login info, head to http://affiliatex.com/forgotpass and enter the e-mail address you signed up with to be resent login info. If you are still experiencing problems, please open a support ticket in our Ticket System under the "Help" tab in the top menu.

How do I get a refund for the AffiliateX?

Please open a support ticket in our Ticket System under the "Help" tab in the top menu and copy and paste the invoice you should have received from ClickBank upon ordering. I need the eight digit invoice number (and ideally all of the invoice copied and pasted) to process your refund fast.

AffiliateX: ClickBank and Adwords

How do I get a ClickBank ID?

You will need to create a ClickBank account to start using our site. These are free, and they allow you to start promoting products as an affiliate. You can create your free account here:

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